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Affordable Storage & Space Place self storage solutions have become known for their affordability. From Orange County, VA to Greene County, VA, our clients appreciate our commitment to accessibility as one of their top reasons to stay with our services. 

Our dedication to maintaining affordable prices doesn’t take away from our services’ quality. Our feasibility feature turns into a massive benefit for all types of clients. Whether you are looking for small self-storage units or finding mobile home storage space, our prices can help you cut your regular storage rental costs by a significant margin. 

As a family-owned business, Affordable Storage & Space Place is aware of the struggles associated with renting a storage space. From big moves across different areas to following decluttering practices for peace of mind, finding a personal storage solution comes with various difficulties. That is why we make the process as easy and as affordable for you as possible.

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Affordable Self-Storage Units

$ 235

One of Affordable Storage & Space Place prime offerings comes in the form of self-storage units. These units are available in various sizes to meet the expectations of all types of renters. The available size ranges can fulfil your most basic requirements as well as your most specialized storage demands. Whether you want to store a few boxes or secure antique furniture, you can depend on our storage units to handle it all.

Our self-storage units come with 24/7 access and steer clear of complex rental agreements. Instead, the process of renting such a unit is designed to be comfortable, which is why it is managed by a qualified representative who can guide you through the rental procedure. Our pricing for self storage units is outlined below.

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Accessible Boat Storage Solutions

The boat storage solutions from Affordable Storage & Space Place also follow the accessible pricing model for optimal affordability. Even though you can reap the rewards of highly secure storage space, you don’t have to pay a small fortune for it.

This makes Affordable Storage & Space Place services stand out of the crowd of our competitors. Where other vendors may charge sky-high prices to keep your boats safe, we offer some of the lowest rates in the area without diminishing our solutions’ quality. 

Our boat storage services have an array of different spaces available across Virginia. This allows you to choose something that doesn’t jump over your budget but still provides you with the required security. 

Since finding a boat storage space can be tricky, our customer service team ensures to help you through the selection process. This allows you to find a space that is perfect for your needs. 

The pricing for our boat storage solutions is outlined below.

Pocket-friendly Mobile Home Storage Space

Our mobile home storage spaces also come in different pricing levels, with the contrast standing in place due to the variations in their sizes. With our commitment to simplifying the whole process, we have designed our rate list to help you make quick decisions. If you need additional assistance, our customer service representatives can also explain the prices to you.

This makes sure that you can swiftly find something that fits your expectations for securing your mobile home. The deposit and monthly payments still follow a straightforward payment structure, making the solution as affordable as possible.

The pricing details for our mobile home storage are outlined below.

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With our dedication to bringing affordable services to the residents of Ruckersville, Orange and Charlottesville, Affordable Storage & Space Place has carved its niche across multiple locations in the Old Dominion. Our self-storage units, boat storage space, and mobile home storage solutions are available for you with an elusive combination of pocket-friendly prices and premium quality services.

To see how our self-storage solutions can cater to your requirements, feel free to contact us today. We will be glad to discuss your needs and find the optimal solution for you right away.

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