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Linen storage is a breeze with the right packing materials. Whether you are storing sheets, towels, or blankets, this article will provide the information you need to get your bedding neatly tucked away in no time at all!

Inventory Your Linens

If you have a collection of linens that need to be stored, first get a head-count of everything that needs to be put away. Pay close attention to items such as towels and blankets, which tend to get mixed up in storage units.

If you’re storing bed sets, be sure to put each one in a clear plastic bag and label it with the number of items (for example: “2 King Comforters” or “3 Queen Duvets”). This will make unpacking much easier.

Wash your linens before storing them so they do not start to smell like mildew when you go to use them later. Avoid using dryer sheets or fabric softeners prior to storage as these can attract pests.

Shop for Storage Supplies

Once you’ve got every item accounted for, shop around for packing materials that will be suitable for your linens. Cedar chests are ideal for linens but may be impractical for your usage. You can also use:

  • Fabric bags
  • Plastic bins
  • Vacuum sealed bags
  • Moving boxes

Choose the Right Packing Method

When packing your linens avoid tightly folding your sheets and blankets as this will create creases that are difficult to remove, particularly on embroidered items. Loosely fold or roll your bedding and secure it. If you use vacuum bags, be sure to leave a little space in the bag for your blankets and linens to breathe.

Never store down bedding in vacuum bags as this can deteriorate the quality of the feathers. Store down materials in their original packaging or in a canvas container.

If you are in a humid climate, be sure to use cedar blocks/shavings or other natural products to repel moths. Use lint brush rollers on large items such as comforters and duvets to remove excess pet hair and other debris that may interfere with storage.

Self-storage units for storing your linens

If you’re looking for a local storage solution in the Ruckersville or Charlotteville area, contact us. We’re a family-owned and operated self-storage facility with a variety of storage unit sizes. Check for our monthly specials to get a great deal on a storage unit to store your linens and other personal items!

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