The holiday season is a time of celebration and family. It’s also a time when we get to decorate our homes with beautiful decorations for the fall and winter holidays. But what do you do with all those decorations once they’re taken down? This blog post will teach you how to store your holiday decor in order to save space, reduce clutter, and make it easy to put them up again next year!

1. Identify what you have

Take inventory of your holiday d├ęcor. This includes fall items like pumpkins and wreaths, and winter items like ornaments, garland, lights, tinsel, candles, and other decorative elements. Make a list of everything you have so that when it comes time to put them away they are all in the same place.

2. Pack away delicate items

When storing your holiday decor, be sure to give special attention to your delicate items. Pack them away in storage containers that are appropriate for your items. For example, if you have delicate ornaments, these should be packed away carefully to avoid breakages and other damage separate from other items. Other fragile items may need bubble wrap around them as well before being placed inside a box with adequate cushioning material.

3. Store heavier items on the bottom, lighter ones on top

When packing up your boxes be sure to place the heavier items on the bottom. This will help to avoid breakages and other damage that can happen when heavy boxes are stacked too high or jostled around during travel. This also protects the lightest and most delicate items from crushing.

4. Hang wreaths from hooks

Rather than laying wreaths flat, hang them from hooks to avoid damage to their shape. This is especially important for wreaths that have wire or thin wooden pieces. Consider using bike rack hooks that mount easily to the wall so you can store multiple wreaths at once.

5. Label boxes

Labeling your boxes with a permanent marker makes it so you can easily identify where everything is when it comes time to decorate again! It will also help you keep track of the boxes so that they don’t get misplaced.

Storing your holiday decor at a self-storage facility saves space, reduces clutter, and makes them easy to use next year! We hope this has been helpful for you at home. If you are looking for help with other areas of your life that need some organization – let us know!

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