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Best partner for temporary and long term storage needs in Ruckersville.

Affordability, accessibility, and reliability, Affordable Storage & Space Place has all that you need in your ideal self-storage company. With our affordable solutions, you can rent your unit on a month to month basis and steer clear of expensive commitments.

If you are looking for a quick and painless way to rent a secure self-storage unit in or near Ruckersville, Affordable Storage & Space Place solutions are the perfect match for you. Whether you are in need of budget-friendly rates or the quick availability of extra space, the Affordable Storage & Space Place family is here to help.

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Find a Space That is Perfect for Your Needs

From starting a new chapter of your life to saving your home from clutter, there are various reasons that can lead you to get a storage unit for your belongings. 

Being a family owned business, Affordable Storage & Space Place is highly aware of the challenges that cause people to seek extra storage spaces. This understanding is one of the many reasons our units are designed to serve various individuals and families alike. With their close vicinity to residential areas and availability in various sizes, Affordable Storage & Space Place’s units can fulfill your desired purposes of temporary and long term storage in Ruckersville. No matter why you might be looking for a self storage unit, our space can be the ideal answer to your requirements.

Choose From a Variety of Space Options

Affordable Storage & Space Place units are available in different sizes and price points, which lets you select an option that aligns with your requirements and budget. This makes sure that you can obtain the needed space without paying sky high prices for it. 

Our storage units are available in the following dimensions. 

If you have to store just a few items, you can go with the smallest unit. But if you need a storage space for bigger furniture or equipment, one of the larger sizes will be fit to secure your belongings. Regardless of whichever size you choose, you can rest assured that you will enjoy the level of flexibility, quality, and affordability that is the Affordable Storage & Space Place signature. 

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Month to Month Payments Bring Optimal Flexibility

You can select a month to month payment mechanism that comes with a minimal deposit fee. This helps you steer clear of complex contracts and allows you to afford your new storage space without breaking the bank.  Our month to month payment model is available throughout our service locations, which include:
This gives you the flexibility to select a unit that caters to your specific needs without compromising your comfort. This mechanism applies throughout our facilities, and goes beyond self storage units to boat and mobile home storage unit solutions. This is especially helpful for urgent storage needs, where you need quick space without burdening yourself with high costs.
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Secure Boat Storage and Mobile Home Storage

At Affordable Storage & Space Place, you can also take advantage of boat storage and mobile home storage solutions. 

Our services under this category remain just as affordable as our self storage units. They also boast of the state of the art security mechanisms that are associated with the Affordable Storage & Space Place brand. But these storage solutions are based outside to ensure that your assets are easily movable whenever you want to change their location. 

This also gives you the ability to securely store your most valuable assets at a moment’s notice. The accessibility factor enhances this value offering, and delivers this specialized storage space at competitive prices. 

The process to offer boat and mobile home storage options is also straightforward and free of complications. You easily book your space by speaking to one of our team members.

Transparent Rates Make the Process Even Easier

The Affordable Storage & Space Place experience is based upon affordability while ensuring a high standard of security, comfort, and safety for your belongings. Due to this reason, we offer transparent pricing with each of our storage units.

Our storage units’ security deposit stands at $50, while their monthly rent starts from $65. The actual cost depends on your requirements and the type of space you select for your use. In all cases, our units seamlessly combine affordability and quality to give you a secure yet pocket friendly storage solution.

If you want to book your space right away or have any questions, feel free to contact us today. We will be glad to understand your needs and help you find a space that is equipped to meet all of your requirements.

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